Regulations and conditions for participation
for the Gustav Mahler Academy 2005

  1. The master classes are open exclusively to musicians between the ages of 18 and 26.
  2. A maximum of 49 young people will be admitted to the master classes.
  3. The number of musicians accepted for the master classes 2005 will be distributed as follows:
    18 violins
    6 violas
    4 violoncellos
    4 doublebasses
    2 flutes
    3 oboes
    2 clarinets
    3 bassoons
    4 horns
    2 trumpets
    1 percussio
  4. Should the program of one or more concerts require the addition of one or more instruments not listed above, the total number of course participants may be raised according to the period of the concerts and the rehearsal periods required for their preparation.
  5. The participants for the master classes will be selected by the artistic director, whereby older musicians on the verge of beginning a professional career will be given preference.
  6. Musicians that have not passed an audition for the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, must go through a separate selection procedure (examination of CV and training, separate audition if necessary); aside from the members of the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, others musicians personally recommended by the responsible music academy directors in Italy and Europe may be admitted to the master classes.
  7. The artistic director will prepare a list of reserve musicians for each instrument, who may be contacted in case of an inability to attend or sudden cancellation.
  8. Registration for the master classes entails sending in the correctly completed registration form and the signed Academy Regulations to the office of the foundation at the following address:
    Fondazione "Gustav Mahler - Musica e Gioventù"
    Piazza Domenicani 25
    I - 39100 BOLZANO
    Tel.: +39 0471 301712
    Fax: +39 0471 301391
  9. Deadline for registrations is May 31. 2005.
  10. Only those registrations will be considered valid, which enclose the Academy Regulations signed by the applicant.
  11. Participants are entitled to the reimbursement of travel costs and a scholarship of EURO 50,00 per week.
  12. Participants will be given accommodations in a hotel in the city center for the duration of the courses at the expense of the Gustav Mahler Academy.
  13. Participants may take their meals at a student cafeteria.
  14. Class attendance is mandatory.
  15. A good command of German and/or English is desired.
  16. Should a participant be unable to attend a third of the lessons, he/she will not be permitted to participate in the master classes.
  17. Participants will only be permitted to use the telephone, fax and copy machine in the secretary in exceptional cases.
  18. Material borrowed from the secretary - music or other material - must be returned undamaged to the secretary.
  19. Participants must return music material borrowed from the conservatory library themselves.
  20. Participants are personally responsible for all borrowed material - music or other material.
  21. Participants are personally liable for any damage to instruments that may occur.
  22. Access to the course rooms is only permitted according to the schedule determined by the foundation and the conservatory.
  23. The Gustav Mahler Academy will contract separate insurance for non-EU citizens in case of accident or illness; EU citizens, on the other hand, must be in possession of an E111 form available from all health services, which entitles them to medical services in a general hospital.
  24. Costs for private doctor appointments or examinations by a specialist will not be covered by the Gustav Mahler Academy.
  25. Reimbursement of travel costs can only be made via bank transfer and following the receipt of the original tickets.
  26. Additional costs that may be incurred due to travel reservation changes will not be covered by the Gustav Mahler Academy.
  27. Costs for the Visum, of use of taxi and own car cannot be reimbursed.
  28. The Gustav Mahler Academy will not be responsible for the costs of transportation of sick persons, if these costs are not covered by the health insurance.
  29. Participants must confirm their attendance every day by signing the specially designed register.
Application forms for the auditions and a schedule of the auditions are available at all European conservatories and music colleges.

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(place and date) (signature)

* These regulations must be signed by the participants upon registration

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