Regulations and conditions for participation
for the Gustav Mahler Academy 2013

(for the internal audition to decide who will perform the concert as a soloist,
see the attachment A. at the bottom)

  1. The master classes are open exclusively to strings who  on September  8th  2013 are no younger than a full 18 years and no older than a full 26 years of age and to winds  who on the same date are not younger than a full 18 years and no older than a full 27 years of age.
  2. During selection phase, priority of admission is given to members of the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester. The musicians of the GMJO are not obliged to send in their resumes. In case of free places other high qualified European musicians can be admitted to the master classes. These musicians therefore have to send their curriculum vitae (max. 20 lines of text) in English or German together with the application documents.
  3. 4 places in the academy are reserved to students of the Conservatory of Bolzano who have been pointed out for their artistic merits by the Director of the Conservatory.
  4. Under parity qualification, 52% of the available places are reserved for woman. 
  5. The number of musicians accepted for the master classes 2013 will be distribuited as follows:

    18 violins
    7 violas
    7 violoncellos
    3 double basses
    1 flute
    2 clarinets
    1 bassoon
    2 oboes
    2 horns
    1 trumpet
    1 timpanist

  6. The participants for the master classes will be selected by the artistic director. The musicians shall be notified by e-mail with regard to the results of the selection within the first week of July. 
  7. Registration for the master classes entails sending the correctly completed registration form, the privacy law form and the authorization form for use of images and for audio/video recording, to the office of the foundation at the following address:
    Fondazione "Gustav Mahler - Musica e Gioventů"
    Piazza Domenicani 25
    39100 Bolzano - ITALY
    In the case of first application, it is mandatory to attach a copy of a valid identification document to the application.
    The registration form can also be sent in a telematic way, trough our web site under the menu item "Registration".
  8. Deadline for registration is June 10th 2013.
  9. Only the application signed by the candidate and with all requested documents attached shall be considered valid.
  10. It is preferable that double basses players bring their own instruments to the courses. Should they require the Gustav Mahler Foundation to provide the instrument, they must submit a specific request for it after their admission to the courses has been confirmed. In the latter case, they shall be expected to pay caution in the amount of Euro 100,00 within one week after receiving the letter of invitation, in a bank account in the name of Gustav Mahler Foundation
    (Bank detalil: IBAN   IT 90 A 06045 11600 000000 450000,  BIC  CRBZIT2B090).
    The caution money shall be refunded at the end of the courses only if the instrument is returned free of any damage caused by the musicians. Otherwise, the sum shall be withheld by way of partial compensation for damages.
  11. Participants will be given accomodations in a hotel in Twin Rooms  in the city center for the duration of the courses at the expense of the Gustav Mahler Foundation. Participants may take their meals at a student cafeteria at the expense of the Gustav Mahler Foundation.
  12. In case of sufficient financial resources, the Gustav Mahler Foundation may decide to reimburse travel expenses to each partecipant, up to a maximum of 400,00 Euro.
  13. Admitted students already living in Bolzano (place of residence or domicile) will not deserve to get any reimbursement for room and board expenses.
    Admitted students with place of residence in the Bolzano district will deserve room and board expenses only if their home is more distant than 50 km from the courses location.
  14. A good command of German and/or English is desired.
  15. Class attendance is mandatory.
  16. Participants must confirm their attendance every day by signing the specially designed register.
  17. Particioants will only be permitted to use the telephone, fax and copy-machine in the secretariat in exceptional cases.
  18. Material borrowed from the secretariat and from the conservatory library - music or other material  - must be returned undamaged. Participants are personally responsible for all borrowed material and for any damage to instruments that may occur.
  19. Access to the course rooms is only permitted according to the schedule determined by the Foundation.
  20. The Gustav Mahler Foundation will contract separate insurance for non-EU citizens in case of accident or illness; EU citizens on the other hand, must be in possession of the European health insurance card, which entitles them to medical services in the Bolzano hospital.
  21. Costs of private doctor appointments or examinations by a specialist will not covered by the Gustav Mahler Foundation.
  22. The Gustav Mahler Foundation will not be responsible for the costs of transportation of sick persons, if these costs are not covered by health insurance. 


    List of concert for internal audition (soloist) – the winner will perform his piece in the symphonic concert of September 26th, 2013


    Mozart, Concert no. 2 in D major K 314


    Mozart, Concert in C major K 314


    Mozart, Concert in A major K 622


    Mozart, Concert in B flat major K 191


    Mozart, Concert no. 1 in D major K 412

    Mozart, Concert no. 3 in E flat major K 447



    Mozart, Concert no. 1 in B flat major K 207

    Mozart, Concert no. 2 in D major K 211

    Mozart, Concert no. 3 in G major K 216

    Mozart, Concert no. 4 in D major K 218

    Mozart, Concert no. 5 in A major K 219


    Hoffmeister, Concert in D major

    Stamitz, Concert in D major

    Mozart, Concert in A major K 622 (version for viola)


    Haydn, Concert no. 1 in C major

    Haydn, Concert no. 2 in D major


    Dittersdorf, Concert no. 2 in E major

    Vanhal, Concert in D major

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